Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Attention, editors: Here's your chance to run some terrific stories about the changing media landscape. The new media concentrators at Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism have reported on and written about the latest issues in online news. Handheld technologies, the rising popularity of citizen journalism and the emergence of "blogsuits" are just a few of the things that we have explored, in-depth. If you are interested in running these stories, for pay and/or for credit, please contact the individual reporters via email. Also, please CC Sheena Tahilramani at so we can keep track of publication requests. Here are the headlines, followed by short abstracts of each article:

  1. Creative Expression or Mere Mischief? Team Reck's Vlogs

  2. Mailing Lists Live On in the Digital Age

  3. The Unpredictability of Online Social Networking

  4. Anne Sachs Leads a Fresh-Faced

  5. Journalism in the Age of Second Life

  6. Gothamist: Changing the Way People Receive their News

  7. Current TV Takes Video Blogging a Step Further

  8. Wall Street's online customers willing to pay to read news articles

  9. MySpace and Facebook Keep Twixters From Moving Away from Home

  10. Mobile ESPN: Betting on Cricket

  11. The Vlog Revolution

  12. Community Websites: East Harlemites Combat Perceived MSM Bias and Neglect

  13. Lemann Adds Fuel to a Fiery Debate

  14. Bloggers Beware: Internet Libel Lawsuits--What the Blogosphere can Learn from its Most Sued Blogger

  15. An Effort to Preserve Multimedia Archives

  16. Internet Multitasking Syndrome

  17. Blogs: Getting the Scoop

  18. Internet Access: A Playground for Self-Promotion

  19. The Pandora Phenomenon

  20. Open Source Journalism and

  21. YouTube: A Place to Break Television News?

  22. The Future of Video on Demand

  23. Alissa Swango and the Depths of "New Media"

  24. Handheld Technology Changes Everything

  25. Bronx Blogger: What One Reporter Learned from Blogging the Yankees

  26. Beyond the Music: Visual Artists Are Using MySpace to Further Their Work

  27. Why is struggling? Mike McAllister on What Needs to Change

  28. A Tricky Business: Corrections in Online Stories

  29. Hector Feliciano Leaps from Print to Blogging

  30. Confessions of a Journalist Digger

  31. Reaching God in Broadband: Christianity and the Rise of Viral Video

  32. The Internet: A Modern Day Cookbook

  33. MySpace Comes of Age

  34. "Blogsuits" What Effect will Libel Threat Have on the Blogosphere? (Podcast)